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SE is Tiwan investment based in Thailand. We have experiences more than 40 years in Silicone and Plastic injection business. We move to TH since 2005 based in Ban Bueng, Chonburi. We have 500 workers and turnover of 18 MEUR

"We are manufacturing Silicone and Plastic  products supply over the world. Our products is in different segment such as Medical products, Children products, Food contact products and so on. We can produce a multi material for special and unique for our customer"
"We supply a high quality product with right cost, on time delivery and caring with social & environment. We are an OEM company who’s able to develop the product from start until end to serve customer needs. We also having R&D team with mold design as one stop service to  live up customer satisfaction. We also certified ISO 13485 for Medical, Children "

Corporate Details

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