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Molding Process

The mould construction department is the heart of the company. The levels of precision, care for details and quality control are extremely high. Once again, in this area, so important for Shiang Ey Technology Group , the expertise and multiple years of experience of the personnel are the foundations for the company’s growth.

Along with the dedicated strategy of investment in machinery and supporting technology, the training and specialization of human resources remains one of the primary objectives for the growth and improvement of the entire mould construction department.
Each manufacturing order becomes a reason for pride and reference for Shiang Ey Technology Group , because it is started, met and led to completion with the highest of quality standards that represent the company’s excellence.

The mould construction department at Shiang Ey Technology Group uses the following technologies and equipment:
  • 5 Axis Continuous CAM Software

  • Innovative processing technology and continuously updated and renovated machines (5-axis multiple pallet milling machines – 5-axis gantry milling machines with linear motors capable of ensuring greater precision – Automated structures designed and build in-house – 6-axis, more than 3,000 mm deep-drilling machine from the latest generation – High speed 5-axis milling machines for machining graphite electrodes – Latest generation electro-erosions capable of producing better surfaces, faster – Robot controlled laser welding machine for local welding)

  • Specialized in-house polishing department for very high-quality moulded parts respecting the high standards for markets such as:

    • Automotive

    • High design furnishings

    • Sports articles

    • Lighting

    • Optical components

    • Esthetical components


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